52 Ancestors – #02 Revolutionary War Patriots



I know we are supposed to pick one ancestor per week but this week I’m going to group several people together.  I am a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  I conducted extensive research to join this society and found some wonderful information about my ancestors.

The American Revolution was from 1775 to 1783.  The total of service members was 217,000.  Keep in mind that the population of this country was approximately 2,200,000.  There were 4,435 battle deaths and 6,188 non-mortal woundings.

11 of my ancestors served in the military.

  • Henry, Aaron
    • Served in the Westmoreland County, PA Militia.  He was a member of Captain Thomas Morten’s company in the Sixth Class ordered to duty on July 9, 1782.
  • Hess, Baltzer
    • Served 7 years in the Continental Army in the American Revolution, in campaigns in New York and Pennsylvania.  He is listed on the Muster and Pay Rolls for the ‘Pennsylvania Battalion of the Flying Camp’ as having pay due for the time he was a prisoner.
  • Madison, Thomas
    • was Paymaster and Commissary (Captain in Cherokee Expedition, Colonel William Christian in charge), Clerk of Augusta County, , a member of the Council of the State of Virginia and of the House of Delegates, and a General in the Virginia Militia.
  • Martin, Jacob
    • Served from Culpeper County, VA
  • Martin, John
    • Served from Culpeper County, VA
  • Nay, Jacob Jr.
    • Brother to John Nay Sr., served 18 months in the company of Captain Lamb in Colonel Gaston’s Regiment under the immediate command of Baron Von Steuben.  He was transferred to the corps of cavalry commanded by Captain Gunn under Colonel White and continued in the corps for 20 months.  He then rejoined his old regiment under Major Findley.
  • Nay, John Sr.
    • Served in Captain Henry Reed’s Virginia Company and was present at the surrender of Cornwallis.
  • Nay, John Jacob
    • Brother to John Nay Sr. marched from Culpeper County, VA with the Virginia troops in 1780, under Lieutenant James Barbour and served 18m.
  • Nay, Patrick
    • Served as a Private from PA
  • Nay, Samuel Sr.
    • Enlisted in 1778 and served 18 months as a substitute for William Nay.  Enlisted in 1781 as a substitute for Joseph Nay and served 3months in Captain Waugh’s Company, Colonel Barbour’s Virginia Regiment.  Served 3months from Oct 1781 in Captain Kid Slaughter’s Company, Colonel John Slaughter’s Regiment.
  • Sturm Jacob Jr.
    • Under Captain Joha Morris’ Co. in the 7th MD Regt. Commanded by Col. John Gunby, APR 1778 – July 1779.


Other ancestors considered patriots were compensated for providing goods or services to the army.

  • Freshour, Wendel
    • Provided wheat and supplies to the army
  • Sturm, Jacob Sr.
    • Provided wheat and supplies to the army

And don’t forget the women that followed their husbands onto the battlefields to cook and mend the wounded.

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