90th Birthday Celebration – Ardyth (Pat) Chupurdia

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  • 30 June, 2014
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On June 28th we celebrated my mother’s 90th Birthday. She turned 90 on January 1, 2014 but since we live in northeastern Minnesota we knew there would be a good chance that a snow or ice storm would deter people from attending a party – so we waited until June.


Over the years I have asked my mother many questions about her childhood and her past. I have written down all the anecdotes I could. I have pressed her for more details and I’m sure at times frustrated her with my many questions. Yet, after all of these years, every once in a while – out pops another long forgotten family story.


As I scramble to put it to paper (or computer) I am thankful that I still have her and all of the memories she has to share. Those of you interested in genealogy make sure you interview the elders in your family while they are still with you. They are treasures to be sure.

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